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“Beyond its use as a barn for livestock, we have always envisioned the Swallowfield Barn to be a gathering place. We see it as a venue for artists, our way of caring for culture by cultivating a place where the arts might flourish with messages of celebration, challenge and critique.

The Swallowfield Series begins this Fall, a number of events that bring together artists and community in an estuary for culture care.

We invite you to join us in this journey!”

Dennis and Jenny deGroot


001 Inaugural Evening

Friday October 12    7.30pm

"Building Bigger Barns"
....a discussion with Asher deGroot
....with music by Joshua deGroot

As an introduction to the Swallowfield Series - Asher will talk about the Swallowfield Barn itself. In its short life the Barn has already been the host to long table dinners, concerts, weddings and dances - in addition to its more regular use as a warm shelter for the cows and resident barn owl. As the designer of the barn - Asher will discuss the ideas that inspired it, the hands that crafted it, and the designs that this space itself continues to inspire - spaces that have yet to be realized.

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002 Poetry

Friday November 2, 7.30 pm

“Poetry Reading and Poets in Conversation”
Lisa Martin and Ben Hertwig
With music by Rueben deGroot

Join award-winning poets (and dear friends!) Lisa Martin and Benjamin Hertwig at the Swallowfield Barn for an evening of poetry and conversation about the paradoxes of faith and about honouring real life when it faces us with its sometimes overwhelming, contradictory truths. Lisa and Benjamin will read from their books and talk about literary friendship: how we create communities of care through the written word and how we confront the challenges of our personal and collective lives through our art.

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003 Advent

 Friday December 7, 7.30 pm

Advent Images by Joshua deGroot, Advent song and Advent Readings

If you wish, bring some piece that you would like to read, appropriate to Advent